AP Art and Design /

2D Design Portfolio

(Level 3)

Course Description

AP 2-D Design provides an environment for the dedicated art student to create a college-level two-dimensional design portfolio, or a “body of work” that shows quality, concentration and depth. This portfolio is intended to address two-dimensional design issues. Design involves purposeful decision making about how to use the elements and principles of art in an integrative way. Through a series of assignments and independent-study projects, student will create a portfolio of 5 pieces that show mastery of concept, composition and execution (quality), and 15 pieces that represents the student’s individual interest and exploration of design (concentration). For this portfolio (images submitted digitally), students are asked to demonstrate mastery of 2- D design through any two-dimensional medium or process, including, but not limited to, graphic design, digital imaging, photography, illustration, painting, and printmaking. While the goal of the course is for each student to develop an individual concentration in 2-D Design, the ultimate goal is to submit a portfolio to the College Board for review and advanced placement and/or college credit at many colleges and universities.

AP College Board/ 2D Portfolio Details