Fashion Design 1

In Fashion Design 1, students will...

  • Create a fashion design journal, fashion designer information, sketches, cut and paste fashion collages, do fashion designer/fashion industry research.

  • Use proper Fashion Design vocabulary.

  • Follow safety procedures in working with sewing equipment and tools.

  • Demonstrate how to correctly operate a sewing machine, and pressing equipment.

  • Describe career opportunities in fashion-related industries: textile industry, apparel industry, retail promotion and entrepreneurship.

  • Integrate various hand-sewing skills into production to accent machine-sewn projects.

  • Analyze pattern information to determine size, view, fabric needs, notions and alterations.

  • Construct two personal pieces according to pre-determined sewing methods.

  • Create Altered-Couture projects: Re-cycle, Re-make, and Re-invent ready to wear garments.

  • Study contemporary trends in Fashion

  • Create a mood board to inspire the garment that reflects a specific decade in fashion history.

Workload Expectations

This is a studio-based course and most work will be completed during class time and is project based. This is not a homework intensive course. Homework might consist of researching, sketching, or finishing projects, if extra time is needed or if any class time is missed. Students may need to make arrangements to use the sewing equipment in class, if needed.